When considering the need for a psychiatric centre in Cape Town, Rehab Helper offers a variety of psychiatric centres, all offering a different approach tailored to suit your psychiatric needs.

Drug Addiction

In South Africa at least 15% of the country is reported to have a drug addiction. The term drugs encompasses both illicit and legal drugs, and South Africa has seen a significant rise in prescription drug addiction.



Otherwise known as behavioural addiction, an addiction centre can help you overcome your addiction and find fulfillment in other activities.



South Africa’s drinking population is said to be some of the heaviest drinkers in the world, with staggering alcohol abuse figures. Over 31% of South African’s over the age of 15 drink.


Psychiatrists in Cape Town

Psychiatrists in Cape Town provide a helpful, controlled environment in which you are encouraged to use their resources to help you with your mental health. Our psychiatrists are educated to treat emotional imbalances and mental diseases in addition to preventing and diagnosing them. Our network of psychiatrists in Cape Town provides a non-confrontational, professional setting in which you, as the patient, can access not just their knowledge but also their measured assessments. They can help you identify and grasp the root of your problems, as well as devise a long-term remedy.  Our team of psychiatrists in Cape Town provides treatment for children and adolescents, as well as adults, and assists with providing help for anxiety and depression.  

Psychiatrists in Cape Town
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What is psychiatry?

Psychiatry is a specialist field that combines traditional medical and psychological training. Specialists must graduate medical school, pass a written exam to earn a practicing license from the Health Professions Council of South Africa, and receive extensive on-the-job training before joining our network. Pharmacology training is required so that they can accurately administer medications, and psychotherapy training is required so that they may improve their diagnostic skills. Psychiatrists can become certified after completing tests, residencies, licenses, and other prerequisites (though, they have to recertify every few years).

What specialist psychiatric services are available in Cape Town?

  • Psychiatry of children and adolescents
  • Geriatric psychiatry 
  • Postnatal depression
  • Psychiatry for forensic (legal) purposes
  • Psychiatry for addiction and eating disorders
  • Pain relief
  • Psychosomatic (body and mind) medication
  • Medications for sleep

What are the benefits of a psychiatrist?

Our psychiatrists are trained mental health professionals who are trained to work in a manner that is comfortable for you. Regardless of the severity of your illness, their clinics and treatment centers give complete therapy alternatives. A psychiatrist can assist you in overcoming and treating any mental disorder, from drug addiction to eating disorders to chronic medication-dependent conditions. Our network provides patient-centered therapy that enables individuals to fully comprehend their illnesses and learn to treat them on their own. One of the first steps in learning how to cope with a mental illness is to work with a psychiatrist to overcome obstacles.

What medication do psychiatrists use in Cape Town?

Psychiatrists use drugs in the same way that general practitioners do to treat conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Following extensive patient examinations, psychiatrists can prescribe drugs to help treat mental problems. 

Medication prescribed can include:

  • Antidepressants 
  • Antipsychotic drugs 
  • Anxiolytics and sedatives 
  • Hypnotics 
  • Mood stabilisers 
  • Stimulants 

Patients on long-term medication should see their psychiatrist on a regular basis to check on the medication’s effectiveness as well as any potential side effects.

How much does a psychiatrist cost in Cape Town?

The rates for psychiatrists in Cape Town range between R600 – R1200 per session.   This also varies according to the length of time spent with the therapist.  For a 60 minute session, this could cost between R600 – R900, and many psychiatrists recommend six to eight sessions.

If you are looking for clinical or addiction psychiatrists in Cape Town, get in touch with our specialised team and let us source the best person to assist you or your family.

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No matter where you are based in Cape Town, our goal is to make locating the right psychiatrist as simple as possible. Request a referral to a clinical or addiction psychiatrist in your region, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need in order to find the best person to help you or your family.

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About Cape Town

The Mother City

Cape Town, on South Africa’s southwest coast, is recognized for its harbour, natural location in the Cape floral region, and sights including Table Mountain (one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World), Lions Head, and Cape Point, where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. Cape Town is home to nearly 50% of the Western Cape’s population and is the country’s second-most populous city. It is also South Africa’s oldest city, having been founded by the Dutch East India Company in 1652. Affectionately known as the Mother City, Cape Town has some of the country’s greatest psychiatrists.

Tourist Hotspot

Cape Town has it all, from the metropolis of the city center to the Atlantic Seaboard and its coastal cities to the countrysides of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Wellington, and Paarl, to mention a few. It is without a doubt one of the best places in the country for psychiatric treatment.

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