Medical Aid Rehab Cover With Rehab Helper

Medical Aid Rehab Cover From Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa

Financial cover stays one of the biggest challenges people face when taking the step towards rehab. It can be an overwhelming process to choose the right rehab facility, getting the paperwork completed and obtaining all the relevant consent forms. 

Many people wonder if medical aid schemes in South Africa cover rehabilitation for mental health conditions as well as addiction behaviour which may include drug & alcohol addiction. Addiction is a recognised medical condition that requires the support from a professional medical doctor. Many times, addiction behaviour is closely related to underlying mental health disorders that haven’t been treated. Rehabilitation Centers focus on treating both the mind and body, to ensure a holistic approach is followed. 

The good news is that most medical aid schemes do provide the basic cover for rehabilitation in South Africa. Depending on which plan you are with your medical aid scheme, they should cover the following aspects of your treatment: 

  • Medical and psychiatric evaluation required for admission to a rehabilitation center 
  • Cover for medication related to treatment 
  • Counseling and psychotherapy 
  • Accomodation at an approved rehabilitation center
  • Aftercare

How Can Rehab Helper Assist? 

Rehab Helper will work with you every step of the way. We understand how rehabilitation works and how it impacts your quality of life. By contacting one of our professionals, we will be able to provide you with all the necessary information required to get financial assistance from your medical aid for rehabilitation. We will take care of all the administrative problems so that you can just focus on your recovery. We will help you find a rehabilitation center that suits your needs and is covered by your medical aid scheme. 

Medical Aids We Work With 

Below is a list of the main medical aids we work with. If you belong to a different medical aid, please send us a request to see how we can help you get the necessary cover. 

Discovery Medical Aid Drug Rehab Centre
Bestmed Medical Aid Rehab
Bonitas Medical Aid Rehab
Medshield Medical Aid Rehab Cover With Rehab Helper
Samwumed Medical Aid Rehab | Rehab Helper
Gems Logo | Rehab Helper
Drug Rehab Centre
Profmed | Rehab Helper

There are rehabilitation centers that do not accept medical aids. Be wary of these medical aid centers as they may not be registered and may not be up to the required standards set out by the Medical Council. Rehabilitation centers have to be licensed through South African organisations like The South African Department of Health, Department of Social Development & Health Care Boards. 

You can be assured that Rehab Helper only works with registered Rehabilitation centers in South Africa. Contact us today for more information on medical aid rehab. 

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