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What Makes a Good Rehabilitation Centre – Finding the Recovery Program for You

The complex nature of addiction is a significant contributor to how difficult it can be to treat. Addiction and the circumstances that led to it are unique from one victim to the next, and that means that more often than not, the approach to rehabilitation should be equally unique and tailored to each patient.

It’s through this tailored approach that rehab centres can give patients the best possible chance at sustainable recovery. Any good program for drug rehabilitation in South Africa will be made up of several treatment plans and recovery elements that will make up the foundations for sober living in and outside of rehab clinics.

Here are some of the elements and processes you can expect during rehabilitation.


Alcohol and Drug cleansing with Medical Detox

Almost all recovery programs will start with medically supervised detox treatments to cleanse the system of all substances, giving patients a clean slate to pursue rehabilitation. It’s crucial that addicts admit themselves to inpatient care before they attempt to abstain from alcohol and other addictive substances, as withdrawal symptoms can be difficult, painful, and sometimes even deadly.


Stress And Anxiety


Forging bonds and support structures in Group Therapy

Camaraderie and unity are fostered in group therapy, allowing patients to support and learn from each other by sharing their personal stories and journeys. All participants there have experienced addiction and are striving to overcome it, and as treatment progresses will feel more open to sharing their personal experiences. This fellowship fosters compassion for others and drives patients to keep pushing for recovery.


Group Therapy


Finding a safe space in Individual Therapy

One on one therapy sessions allows patients to speak with a professional therapist to tackle personal issues and any underlying conditions or emotional and mental struggles that lead to addiction. These individual sessions give patients an opportunity to open up in a safe space, with opportunities for guidance and upliftment.


Individual Therapy


Promoting healthy lifestyles with Exercise Programs

Healthy and productive routines are a cornerstone of rehabilitation, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Beyond getting plenty of sleep, meditation, and eating healthy meals, patients will be encouraged to participate in exercise programs and other sports-based activities to improve fitness and reap the benefits of keeping active. Exercise gives you a positive boost that not only lifts your mood but causes chemical reactions in the brain to overcome depression.


Exercise Therapy


Encouraging creativity with Art Programs

Recovery programs encourage patients to find creative outlets and rewarding activities outside of drug, alcohol use and process addictions. This will often include art programs, allowing patients to learn new techniques, express themselves through art, and experience the joy of creating something new and positive. 


Art Programs


Discovering new, healthy behaviours with Behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a highly effective tool in addiction treatment. In rehab, therapists will work with patients to identify their behavioural responses to certain triggers, and once they’re been identified therapists will guide them towards new, safer and healthier responses to those triggers. This therapy is usually done in a one-on-one setting to create a safe environment for patients to open up in, sharing any fears or concerns they may have. With these fears out in the open, a therapist can provide insight and advice that will encourage better responses to triggers and anxiety.


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Finding fellowship in 12 Step Program meetings and guest speakers

The 12-Step program provides another group setting for safe and respectful meetings for recovering addicts to share their experiences and difficulties anonymously. These meetings are also available outside of rehabs, allowing participants to maintain recovery routines and support structures outside of clinics. This is a key to long-term sobriety and maintaining their recovery.

Patients can also often expect to learn from guest speakers; as long-term recovering addicts, they offer patients hope for their futures, advice and guidance through sharing their own personal stories. These speakers can also offer practical advice, such as how to rebuild their careers outside treatment, advice on relationships, and more.


Find the Right Rehab Centre in South Africa For You

The above makes the basis for a powerful recovery environment, and any rehabilitation centre should offer these programs for you in your own recovery journey. At Rehab Helper we pride ourselves on our comprehensive list of quality South African Rehabs, giving addicts and their families an opportunity to find the ideal  Addiction Treatment Centre and recovery programs for them. 

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, there is hope. We encourage you to reach out to us and start yourself on the road to recovery with the support of a rehab centre.

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