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Psychologist vs Psychiatrist: What’s The Difference?

It’s important to understand the differences between a psychiatrist and psychologist, especially when you’re seeking help for yourself or a loved one. Many times, you’ll find that they work together on a prescribed treatment plan for a variety of mental and emotional disorders. It’s easy to confuse these two professionals, as it seems that they […]

Addiction Treatment and Recovery – What’s a Day like in a Drug or Alcohol Rehab Centre?

The stigma around rehabilitation for drug addiction often gets in the way of addicts even looking into the treatment options available to them, let alone admitting themselves to a Rehab in South Africa. It’s only normal to fear the unknown, but it’s by providing a window into rehabilitation that we can normalize it, encouraging more […]

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What Makes a Good Rehabilitation Centre – Finding the Recovery Program for You

The complex nature of addiction is a significant contributor to how difficult it can be to treat. Addiction and the circumstances that led to it are unique from one victim to the next, and that means that more often than not, the approach to rehabilitation should be equally unique and tailored to each patient. It’s […]

What Happens in Substance Rehabilitation

What Happens in Substance Rehabilitation – The 4 Stages of Treatment

The road to a life of healthy, sober living from substance addiction is a long and difficult one, but it’s an essential road to travel nonetheless. A life of sobriety and freedom from addiction is worth fighting for, and with the help of a rehabilitation centre, you can achieve and maintain your recovery lifestyle. Recovery […]

Benefits to Seeking Rehabilitation Abroad

There’s no arbitrary reason that rehabilitation is most often done with in-patient care. Studies and experience have long since proven that environmental factors significantly increase the risk of addiction, depression, and substance abuse. One of the first steps in rehabilitation is to remove addicts from the environment that facilitated or led to their addiction, often […]

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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in South Africa

Stepping away from the environments we associate with our addiction is a significant part of rehabilitation; hence it’s so frequently recommended that patients undergo treatment in-house, away from the triggers and stressors that lead to substance abuse. In-patient treatment also allows for a controlled environment, with a support structure of peers and professionals for guidance […]