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Benefits to Seeking Rehabilitation Abroad

There’s no arbitrary reason that rehabilitation is most often done with in-patient care. Studies and experience have long since proven that environmental factors significantly increase the risk of addiction, depression, and substance abuse.

One of the first steps in rehabilitation is to remove addicts from the environment that facilitated or led to their addiction, often moving patients to the safe and healing environment of rehab. However, nothing says that this rehabilitation centre needs to be close to home, and arguably, the more removed you are from your ‘normality’, the better your chances are of healing and recovery.

Here are some of the benefits of going abroad for your rehabilitation treatment.

You can escape the familiar and negative environments.

As mentioned above, there’s no getting further away from problematic environments that encouraged addiction than traveling to a different country. South African rehabilitation centres offer a whole new environment and routine to ground you in recovery, removing you from situations, stressors, and individuals that can trigger the need to abuse substances.

Rehab programs will help prepare patients for sober living and maintaining their recovery, with routines and rewarding activities rooted in sobriety. These tools for recovery can be put into use well beyond your stay in a rehab centre, and these same rehab centres or affiliated sober living houses will often offer after-treatment programs that allow you to temporarily live and work in the country you’re visiting.

You Can Escape The Familiar And Negative Environments.

Treatment abroad can be more cost-effective

The GBP is pretty strong abroad, going a lot further than it would with rehabs in Cape Town to provide you with quality private treatment. Travel abroad to countries like Thailand, South Africa, and across the Middle East to find rehabilitation centres offering quality treatment, with often higher standards of living and creature comforts to make your recovery journey enriching and fulfilling.

Treatment Abroad Can Be More Cost-Effective.

You can enjoy more effective or specialized treatment abroad

Some of the best rehabs in the world can be found abroad, offering unique and specialized treatment plans for all manner of addictions, from process addiction to drug and alcohol addiction. By seeking treatment overseas where the sterling is stronger, patients may also be able to seek the specialized private treatment they may not be able to afford or have access to in South Africa.

You Can Enjoy More Effective Or Specialized Treatment Abroad

You can broaden your horizons

Seeking rehabilitation treatment overseas is often referred to as medical tourism, and for good reason. Whether you’re a foreigner looking to recover from drug addiction at a drug rehab in Cape Town, or a citizen looking to pursue recovery abroad, rehabilitation tourism offers up unique opportunities to experience new countries. Treatment programs will often offer adventures and activities unique to their home countries to enrich sober living and provide fulfilment outside of substance abuse.

Visiting a foreign country to go to rehab also provides the opportunity to experience new cultures and a new way of living. Experiencing the world with all its diversity can only be beneficial to anyone, even more so for recovering addicts. And the more beautiful the setting, the easier it is to feel at peace and address the roots of your addiction with a clear head and heart.

You Can Broaden Your Horizons.

Choose a rehabilitation program that works for you.

Finding the right rehabilitation centre and recovery program to suit your needs is a crucial step in achieving a recovery lifestyle that works. By pursuing rehabilitation programs abroad, not only are you broadening your horizon and opening yourself up to new experiences, you’re finding renowned and highly acclaimed rehabs that will best lead you to sober living. 

With our comprehensive lists of rehabilitation centres in and outside South Africa, we’re confident everyone can find the right program for them. If you or someone you love is interested in going abroad to enter a recovery program, we’re happy to answer any enquiries you may have.

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